Why work with me ?

There are lots of business coaches out there. You can pick any just as easy as finding an accountability partner at your gym. You might even be able to learn what you need to know from a book.

You feel your business is ready for the next level. Maybe you feel a bit overwhelmed? Your family has put out a missing persons ad. You’re not having as much fun at work as you wish.

You know what?

You’re not alone.

My name is Kris and I’m not your typical business coach. As a lifelong Entrepreneur, I am the guy who has walked in your shoes. After building my own business with the same methodology and taking a successful exit, I now get to work with entrepreneurs to help them get what they want from their business and lives.

If you are ready for clarity of your vision, a strong healthy team and you want all to be focused on what matters most, let’s talk. Working with me, you’ll build the framework, systems and processes you crave, but don’t want to implement on your own.

Best part? We’ll have fun, Making Awesome Happen!

Let’s talk and if after 20 minutes, you’re not saying “hell yes, when can we get started”?, I’ll give you a pair of my favorite socks for free. Because if you are not ready,  you should at least have some fun.

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Investing in yourself and your people is the difference between Good and Awesome. You hit your goals, sit back and watch things plateau. The entrepreneurial spirit dies out and you become complacent with status quo. Mediocrity is comfortable. Don’t let that be your story.


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