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I grew up in the family business, a retail store called Parkleigh. You can find a gift for anyone there. Entrepreneurship, since the age of 5, has been a part of every day life – from welcoming with a warm heart our customers into an amazing experience and carving your own path to figuring shit out and making mama proud. We educated, entertained and inspired customers, ourselves, and vendors day in and day out and loved every minute of it. My love for retail stayed with me and, in 1996, I started Kris & Co., a manufacturers’ sales agency that represented and sold the coolest of brands to all retailers across the northeast. After running it for 20 years from zero to 8-figures, I sold it to JG2HI ( in May of 2016.

K2 Coaching started in 2012 as a side hustle. Somewhere along the way I found myself fulfilled like never before. I am so grateful to now be able to be all-in on helping others get what they want from their businesses and lives.

GiddyUp & Make Awesome Happen!

 This is my mantra.

Clean & Sober since March 1st, 1989

Father to 2 Amazing Kiddos.

In 1996, I packed up and left Rochester for Boston to start Kris & Co.

In 2008, I went from Fat dad to Fit dad, having now completed Eight full Ironmans.

In 2016, I sold Kris & Co. to start something new, no safety net required.

Passion for Adventure, Once in a life Time Experiences, Travel and Fun.

All journeys began with Kickstarting Clarity and then making a decision to GiddyUp & Make Awesome Happen!

Following my heart and with a ginormous thirst for learning, I’ve spent almost 3 decades in many deep immersion and learning programs. The range of programs has been Business Growth, Leadership, Team Building, Personal Growth and Development, Sales Training, Coaching Certifications, NLP and many more.

K2 is the always getting better version of me. I’ve found my calling in “Empowering Better” in CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and their people to Kickstart Clarity to be better versions of themselves. K2 will be hyper-focused on pushing you past your limits and defying your expectations. My client base consists of awesome and engaged companies and organizations that get Focused, gain Freedom, have Fun and earn AWESOME Results.

GiddyUp & Make Awesome Happen!

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