Lessons from Ironman
October 31, 2018

Simple Pleasures

How you make people feel, is what they will remember

Do you really want to make someone in your life or business feel great about the relationship? How about passing them a note in study hall. Really, go old school and write them a hand written note of thanks, love or appreciation.

Nobody ever prints out and email, text or other digital message and puts it up n the wall with pics of their family. I bet if you have received a heartfelt handwritten note, you still have it close to you at work, perhaps its even up on the wall next to pics of your kiddos.

My friend Jack Daly teaches us about the money bag and all the money that it has made him over the years. Melanie Spring sends out “A little Love note” to clients and leads. Joey Coleman talks about the Power of a handwritten Thank you, a lesson he learned from his mom growing up.

I encourage my clients to show appreciation to others on their team. Some do it with a quick note, some with a core values recognition for all to see. As long as it is simple to do and has real heart behind it, the simple two words “Thank You” can go so very far.

4 Simple rules:

Keep it Timely: If after your first meeting with someone, how about you just sit in the parking lot and send it before you even leave the property.

Short and Sweet: Thank you for……., I really think this will help……….again, Thank You.

Don’t have anyone do it for you, ever: nobody really likes those pre-printed cards, nobody falls for that handwritten type face.

Mean it: Like really mean it.

Thank you