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March 17, 2017

The Culture Within Your Organization

When talking about having an attractive culture within your company, some may jump to the conclusion that it means offering employees fun incentives. We’ve seen the organizations with sleep pods, slides, ping pong, and the free Red Bull or Starbucks but does that equal a great culture? All are appeasing benefits but- it’s more about the people being a perfect fit and what they can give you rather than what you can give them.

“Would I enthusiastically rehire everyone on my team tomorrow?” As you grow in quantity as well as quality, ask yourself this question at any point in the journey. Let it sink in for a few moments. What was your answer?

Here are a few steps to retain, develop, and attract “A” players that you would like to keep in your organization for life.

Core Purpose

What is the core purpose of your organization? Do you even have one? Does it make your employees want to jump out of bed in the morning to rush to work? As Simon Sinek points out, it’s not about what we do, it’s not about how we do it, but rather why. Why does your company exist? Why does that matter?

Ask your lead team those questions five times over. How do they respond? Would they be able give you an answer?

Core Values

These are the rules we live by in all that we do as an organization. They should be a part of the hiring process, part of regular engagement, and part of the exit process. We can train for skills, but the core values are in our D.N.A. and who we are even when nobody’s looking.

The core values should be alive and present within the organization. There are actions that support them and easily recognizable to all, even outsiders. Themes and recognition programs should be built around them.

If you’re questioning what your core values are, here’s the true test. Would you fire an employee or customer for breaking a value? Would you take a financial hit to hold true to your values? Are they a part of your everyday life?

If you answered no, then maybe they are aspirational values but not core values.

You may be thinking of honesty, integrity, or teamwork and as they are all great values, these are all things that are expected. Credit shouldn’t be earned for what is a no brainer. Our core values differentiate us from the competition, it should be part of the secret recipe. What core values sets your organization apart from your biggest competitor? What can your team bring to the table that others cannot?

Team Assessments

How often are you taking a close look at your team? Not just on performance but on values and purpose as well.

Cut your c’s and then fix the hiring process to screen better for values. Give your b,c an opportunity to step up how they fit into the culture. Train your b/a’s to better perform. Celebrate the a’s and hold on to them forever. Handcuff them if you can.

Do you want to see all your a players leave to go work for the competition and take all your clients? What you tolerate will continue. Raise the bar and set standards. Make sure your organization inside and out directly reflects your core purpose and core values.