About You:

You know you can get to the next level in business or life, but right now you:

  • Lack Clarity of Vision,
  • Are Frustrated putting out Fires,
  • You’re Overwhelmed & Busy
  • just want some help making it all run smooth.
You know what?
You’re not alone.

My name is Kris and I’m not your typical coach. As a lifelong Entrepreneur, I am the guy who has walked in your shoes. After building my own business with the same methodology and taking a successful exit, I now get to work with solopreneurs & entrepreneurs to help them get what they want from their business and lives.

If you are ready for clarity of your vision, a strong healthy team and you want all to be focused on what matters most, let’s talk. Working with me, you’ll get the results you have been dreaming about.

Best part? We’ll have fun, Making Awesome Happen!

Let’s talk and if after 30 minutes, you’re not saying “fuck yeah, when can we get started”?, I’ll give you a pair of my favorite socks for free. Because even if you are not ready,  you should at least be having some fun.

Excited & Extroverted Entrepreneurs can just call or text now 781-718-4656

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Investing in yourself and your people is the difference between Good and Awesome. You hit your goals, sit back and watch things plateau. The entrepreneurial spirit dies out and you become complacent with status quo. Mediocrity is comfortable. Don’t let that be your story.

Jack Daly endorses Kris Kaplan


David Kris doesn't allow mediocrity in anyone's lives - I know this personally. He got me out of the office to run the Boston Marathon AND a Half Ironman, having never run in my life. At Chargify, he was key in the development and implementation of our purpose and core values while also pushing for a culture of accountability and execution. As much as Kris has an edge, that toughness comes with a hug at the end of a hard day. We're now friends and have shared countless experiences together and with our families. I would highly recommend Kris if you are ready to take your business and life to the next level.

- David Hauser, Founder of Grasshopper and Chargify
Len Kris has been coaching the Groove team for a year now, and there’s no “outsider’ that has had a bigger impact on our culture and growth than Kris. Working with him -- and implementing his process -- has put our team on rails; we know that if we trust the system and put in the work, we’ll continue to see results. Our team has never been running smoother or more productively, and Kris was the secret weapon that helped make that happen. If you get the chance to work with him, take it.

- Len Markidan, Marketer
Daniel Kris has been a great help to our organization through K2 Coaching. I went to the first meeting kicking and screaming because it is in my nature to hate stuff like this. I was shocked and surprised at how much I personally and professionally got out of that meeting. I couldn't wait to get to the second planning meeting. There is VALUE in the time and money you will spend with Kris. He's the real deal and I look forward to the next planning session.

Daniel Marjek, Operations Manager at Parkleigh
Steven Kris has been a tremendous addition to our team and has helped us clarify, and execute on, our vision. From the first day we met, he was in 100% and gave us everything he had during our time together. I recommend him highly as a coach.

- Steven Showalter, CEO Statlinx
Rich Kris is one of the most energetic, driven and focused entrepreneurs I know. His ability to take on the tough challenges and see through to the opportunities that lie within, coupled with a rigorous disciplined approach put him on the top of the heap. His experience as a ironman triathlete serves him well in business and life, (Plan, practice, stay focused, endure the difficulty along the way to success, plays out in his business, coaching practice and family life). I would recommend that you work with Kris if you can. You will be the better for it.

- Rich Manders, Found of Freescale Coaching

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